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What's Your Motivation?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Finding motivation to do something can be very hard at times. When you finally decide what really motivates you, it can drive you to work hard even when you may feel like giving up. Having motivation is key in life. In this post, I decided to get inside the mind of others, both male and female, and ask the question:

“What motivates you?”

Reading everyone's responses was inspiring and it showed me that everyone has their own motivation in life. If you can’t find your own motivation yet, hopefully these responses will have you think more deeply and help you figure it out.

We will start with my answer and move along to everyone else’s.

Thinking of my future self motivates me. How my future self will feel if I stay consistent now. I think of my future family I'll have, how I want to be a great example. My future me motivates me to keep pushing every day to have a positive impact on not just myself, but those around me.

Eduardo, 27

“My legacy motivates me. What I will leave behind. What I can say I’ve done in my life when I reach over 100 years old”

Olivia, 22



“My faith. I have struggled in the past with being more afraid to fail than wanting to succeed, but I have confidence in God. It motivates me that I won’t ever fail because He’s got me.”

Drea, 21

“I’m motivated by my beautiful, loving family. My parents busted their asses working to sustain us. My sisters have loved me unconditionally and have basically forced me to love myself (which can be pretty hard at times). My nieces and nephews surround me with innocent beauty and make me realize that there is pure good in the world. They all shine in my heart no matter how hard my days get. Sadness will never feel desperate to me as long as they’re in my lives.”

Marina, 21

"Going to the gym 4x a week and being able to work on my body for myself!"

Jennifer, 32

“My desire to leave something behind for my family to benefit from. I want to leave my mark”

Clarissa, 46

“My kids because they inspire me to be a better person. My children mean the world to me and I want to inspire them that if they believe in themselves, they can accomplish anything in life.”

Diana, 21

“My boyfriend staying so strong and finishing school while undergoing his cancer treatment”

Ryan, 20

“I would say what motivates me is thinking about what would happen if I DIDN’T do something. If I don’t write this book, if I don’t make that leap, I would never know what it’d be like if I DID. So, I need to push through and just do things, because otherwise I’d be stuck with the “what if.” And no matter how bad things get, what keeps me going is that there’s better things on the horizon and all my hard work will be worth it.”

Brawnly, 21

“Growing up around and living in poverty.”

Arlyn, 21

“The thing that motivates me the most is the fact that I am a first-generation college student and with that, I have had to go through many adversities and struggles to get to the point I am at today. The support, encouragement, and love I am consistently surrounded by, from my close friends and family, enables and only pushes me to want to be and do better in my everyday life. (I would also be down to say money motivates me but FUCK capitalism!)”

Alex, 21

“I have a photo on my desk of my mom and dad when they were younger and I look at this every day and it motivates me. Everything I do is for them.”

Chantel, 22

“Watching my mom struggle growing up. I don’t want to have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet and have little left over for myself. Also, I am a role model for my little brother. Since I am the only one that has been to college, he looks at that and sees he has the potential to do it too. There is a lot of pressure from my family since I am the first one to graduate this May and dropping out was never an option. My graduation is everyone’s graduation.”


“Money and providing for loved ones”


“My parents, I don’t want to let them down. Also, being 100k deep in debt”


“My motivation is my family, this bag, and my goals!!!”

Ben, 19

“My motivation is probably in the present moment. I return to the breath. I try to just do what I am doing when I’m doing it. Past, future, history, legacy—that stuff’s dumb.”

Cale, 22

“Anxiety reduction, and my girlfriend.”

Taylor, 19

“Knowing other people in worse situations than me are still going”

Zuanny, 21

“Having successful people around me”

Jae, 29

“Something creative that’s so different it makes me want to create something authentic and original and not want to conform. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a new start. It’s a fresh take. It opens your third eye and all these new ideas come about and I’m inspired to create more.”

Tamara, 32

“What motivates me is my family and my career. From a very young age my dad would always remind my brother and I that the reason we left our country to come to the United States was so we could have endless opportunities. So we wouldn't just lead normal lives; we would reach the highest point of success so we could live comfortably and do anything we wanted. Until this day that conversation sits with me. So when I start to get discouraged or doubt myself, I remember why I came here. I'm here not only to succeed but to make a difference. I'm here to encourage, inspire, and make a difference in people's lives.”

Marissa, 24

“Knowing that if I do what I set out to do that it will positively impact someone’s life, even if that’s me.”

Alicia, 22

“My discomfort. When I’m placed in a very uncomfortable place, I get anxious, but not the kind of anxious that I just block the world & don’t want to be bothered. The kind of anxious where I feel like I have to find solutions to try to push myself out of being uncomfortable and do my best to fight off the feeling but also to continue to work towards where I want to be.”

Suze, 60

“Money motivates me. If I make money, it will help my business grow and that’s how I’ll be successful.”

Thank you to all who shared!



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