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5 Tips To Shed Fat Fast!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Have you ever wondered what's the best way to lose body fat, and KEEP it off? Have you been struggling trying to figure out the best plan? Well, I'm here to help you shed those pounds and KEEP THEM OFF! As someone who has been overweight, I know what it feels like to carry around the extra baggage, but after I lost 30 pounds, I felt overall happier and more confident! If you take these tips seriously, trust me, you WILL lose body fat QUICKLY, just like I did!

NOTE: In this article, my goal is to help you lose BODY FAT to live a healthy lifestyle. Having too much body fat can lead to health issues. This is not a post to say "everyone needs to lose weight and be skinny". This is a post to help your HEALTH if your BODY FAT is causing health issues. This is here to help. It helped me, so I wanted to share this with anyone else who wants to lose body fat. Whether that be for health issues, or just to help you tone your body. You are beautiful regardless what you decide to do, but remember to always put your health first so you can live a long and healthy life(:

Here.... we..... go!



My Fitness Pal is what I personally use to track my calorie intake. It is extremely easy to use. Whenever you put a food or drink in, it tells you how many calories are in it, and what nutrition you get from it. Also, you are able to customize the entire app for your needs. Overall, if you want to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit. If you want to gain weight, you need to be in a caloric surplus. If you want to maintain your weight, you need to be in a caloric maintenance. This has honestly been the best tool I have used to lose weight quickly! Go check it out!


I have heard countless amount of times of women being afraid to lift weights because they do not want to look buff, but that thinking needs to stop! You will not get buff unless you are lifting EXTREMELY HEAVY weights. If you are lifting average weights then you are totally fine. Lifting weights is the best method to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF. If you stick with only cardio, yes, you will lose some body fat, but not all of it. You will look a bit smaller, but you will still have the annoying flab lying around your body. Lifting weights reduces body fat while simultaneously toning your body so you are not left with that extra flab.

When lifting weights, you are burning more calories. When you get sore from lifting weights, you burn calories during the workout and for about a week after, whereas when you only do cardio, you are burning calories in that exact moment only. Find a workout plan that involves weights, because trust me, it works to lose that stubborn fat. Also, when you gain muscle through weight training, your metabolism moves far more quickly.

That does not mean to throw cardio out the window. At the end of your workout, you should incorporate cardio. What I did was end my workout with the StairMaster for 10+ minutes (whatever you can do). The StairMaster is a GREAT fat burner, as it burns body fat while creating muscle at the same time.


After your workout, you should always take in some sort of protein. I personally found it easy to take protein powder in a shake after every workout I had. The liquid substance of protein goes in faster to your body and delivers better results. You can opt for a protein bar if you cannot drink the shake.

The protein I used to help me lose body fat and gain muscle is the one pictured pictured above (Orgain). I'm obsessed with it because it tastes SO good and it's extremely healthy (vegan, plant based, organic, non-gmo, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, and no sugar is added). Definitely try this one out. The best part is that I can give you 30% off your first purchase! Head to this link and use my code "KARINA" at checkout!

BCAAs are great for muscle growth and recovery. You can take BCAAs during your workout or throughout the day. I especially love it because it keeps me moving throughout the day since it lessens the soreness you feel after a workout. Although it lessens the soreness, that does not mean you are not burning calories as much. You are still burning those calories from weight training.


This is extremely important during weight loss. Water will be your best friend when you are losing body fat. If you are not consuming enough water a day, it will be extremely hard for you to lose the body fat you want to. Water will 100% make the process of losing body fat faster and makes your metabolism move quicker. So, skip the sugary juices and sodas, and be sure to drink a GALLON of water THROUGHOUT the day.

Note: If you cannot drink a gallon, aim for at least 8-10 cups of water a day


Last but not least, if you change your mindset into a positive one, I guarantee the process will be much smoother. Here are some ways to change your mindset in different situations.

1. If you are working out and you think, "this is too hard I can't do this", then chances are you will give up. Instead, think to yourself, "I CAN do this. I AM strong. I WILL push through this. I WILL lose body fat. NOTHING can stop me." Psychologically, you will feel better about what you are doing and believe in yourself more, thus resulting you pushing through the workout.

2. If you see a sweet treat you know you should not have, do not say, "oh my god, I need this. This is so hard! Ugh, I'll just have a bite". Eating right is all a mental game, which I learned myself. All you have to do it say no! YOU are in control of what goes in YOUR body. YOUR body is a TEMPLE, and do not forget that. Do you want trash food going into YOUR temple? Of course not! So, when you see that garbage food, think, "I don't want that. My body does not want that. It is just trying to trick me into thinking I want it, but I don't. I AM IN CONTROL of what goes in my body. I CONTROL my mind and what it wants. My mind DOES NOT control me."

Changing your mindset like that WILL work, and if you don't believe me, try it yourself. Your mind plays tricks, all you have to do is not fall for it and take control.


I hope these 5 important tips to shed body fat comes to use for all of you, as it did for me! If you need help on your journey, click here for a program.


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